Newest Pieces

Chimichanga new dog sculpture


White-Striped, Shaggy, Little Dog

After finding some remnant, white, spiral glass lamp shades, Jennifer was excited to make the long strands of glass into funky trails of fur.

Spank new dog sculpture


White Long-Haired Dog

Spank is the quintessential fluffy, sweet white pup.

Rufus new dog sculpture


Shaggy Brown Dog

This is Jennifer's first long-haired dog. She was intrigued by how to capture the look of shaggy hair with glass shards.

Poppy new dog sculpture


White Terrier

This little, submissive, white terrier has a pink belly and pleasing, sweet face.

Live Inspirations

Hank the Pekingese

Hank is a commissioned piece, modeled after a Pekingese dog with crooked teeth and a fluffy white coat.

Hank the pekingese custom portrait sculpture Hank the pekingese original dog


Originally found on Pinterest, a picture of a low-laying dog ready to play inspired one of Jennifer's favorite dogs. Salty is a white and fluffy dog with perky ears and an anticipatory expression.

Salty custom commission sculpture Salty original dog


Big, innocent, baby -beautiful! Rory is a baby grizzly bear with its paws outstretched to a mother bear, as seen in a photo shown to Jennifer.

Rory bear cub custom sculpture Rory bear and cub original image


The orange and white coat on this Tabby make a pleasant backdrop for its crystalline eyes.

Dario custom cat portrait sculpture Dario original orange tabby


Pepper is a standing white dog with a black spot on its side and a tan spot on its face.

Pepper custom dog portrait sculpture Pepper original dog