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Guru new bird parrot sculpture


Red Eclectus Parrot

This is a striking red and blue bird sitting atop a Murano glass perch.

Winslow new dog sculpture


Gray and Deep Purple Sitting Dog

Finding Winslow's vintage glass ears inspired his gray tones and gentle demeanor.

The Image... The Sculpture

Hank The Pekingese

Hank is a commissioned piece, modeled after a Pekingese dog with crooked teeth and a fluffy white coat.


Originally found on Pinterest, a picture of a low-laying dog ready to play inspired one of Jennifer's favorite dogs. Salty is a white and fluffy dog with perky ears and an anticipatory expression.


Big, innocent, baby -beautiful! Rory is a baby grizzly bear with its paws outstretched to a mother bear, as seen in a photo shown to Jennifer.

Featured Pieces

Bird of Paradise Toucan sculpture

Bird of Paradise


Seeing the vibrant and resplendant color of a toucan inspired the idea to use glass to capture the essence of this tropical bird.


Abstract Flower

Glass sculpture flower

Serendipity is a swirl of color and grace, intended to display its eye-catching shapes and textures of glass.



Chango Monkey sculpture

After seeing a photo of this playful baby chimp in an indescribably adorable pose, Jennifer had to capture its position and feeling. Chango is a standing baby chimpanzee with a peeled banana at its feet.

Lula Giraffe sculpture



A challenge in size and proportion, Lula is a statuesque giraffe nearly four feet tall, featuring grass and small plants on a decorative base. Her large size makes her one of the largest in Jennifer's collection.

The Pack


Black Poodle

Dink black Poodle sculpture


Wire Hair Terrier

Pepper Wire Hair Terrier dog sculpture


Black and White Dog

Rocky little black and white dog sculpture
Hoaloha Dolphin sculpture



One of the largest sea animals made by Jennifer, Hoaloha is a glistening dolphin swimming over a detailed sea-green base. The name Hoaloha translates to "friends" in Hawaiian.

Neptune Pelican sculpture



One day while visiting the Pismo Beach Pier in California, a pelican landed right next to Jennifer and her daughter. Inspired by its beauty and countenance, she sought to create a pelican in glass. Representing the gray tones was particularly difficult.


Sea Otter

Pup Sea Otter sculpture

In Morro Bay, sea otters are a common and delightful sight. Seeing them floating among the kelp and seaweed, eating anemones and other snacks drove Jennifer to make one in glass. Pup features a watery ocean scene and detailed expression.



Leif Frog Toad sculpture


West Highland Terrier

Salty West Highland Terrier dog sculpture
Tiki Shamrock Macaw bird sculpture


Shamrock Macaw

A very tall glass stand called for an amazing bird on top, with twisting and overlapping glass. Tiki stands as the tallest sculpture in Jennifer's collection at five feet. The orange, blue, and green tones of this bird makes for a stunning piece.

Turbo brown Toy Poodle dog sculpture


Brown Toy Poodle

Another small brown dog, Turbo is modeled after one of Jennifer's own dogs. The small toy apricot poodle catches you with its innocent gaze and playful energy.

Toffee colored dog sculpture


Toffee Dog

A small standing toffee colored dog with puppy eyes. Peanut is a wonderful addition to the dog family of Jennifer's sculptures.

Orangutan sculpture



After seeing a photo of an orangutan hanging from a branch, it became an engineering challenge to affix this orangutan's hand to bent rebar, making Orangustang a truly complicated piece to construct. The name "Orangustang" is actually a hybrid between the animal's name and Jennifer's middle name "Stang."

Soledad Cactus sculpture



Aside from creating colorful, flowery plants, Jennifer sought to also represent the simple beauty of desert life in an elegant sculpture. This is Soledad, a cactus with a small snake at its base. Mostly green, Soledad also offers a smoother glass base imitating a sandy hill or dune.

Topaz Blue Amazon Parrot sculpture


Blue Amazon Parrot

Topaz was inspired by a gorgeous blue and yellow macaw. It features detailed and accurate patterns around the eyes and a watchful turn of its head. The layered feathers and split yellow and brown colors create a convincing image.

Xena and Jazz piglet and parrot animal friends sculpture

Xena & Jazz

Baby Pig and Parrot

Featured on "Unusual Animal Friends", Xena and Jazz are a real duo. The perfect portrait of a small blue and white parakeet on top of a orange piglet was an irresistable sculpture to make.

Zephyr Lilac Breasted Roller bird sculpture


Lilac Breasted Roller

Zephyr is modeled after a Lilac Breasted Roller, with popping colors and a twisting body. Bringing Zephyr to life was irresistable for Jennifer.

Lavender fantasy Azure Tit bird sculpture


Azure Tit

A modification of an Azure Tit, Jennifer took the opportunity to work with lavender glass. Iris is a small purple bird atop a clear, crystal-like base.

Sandy Galapagos Fur Seal sculpture


Galapagos Fur Seal

The sweetness in an endangered seal lured Jennifer into recreating one in glass. The flippers, with their striations, were particularly difficult to imitate. Sandy is an endangered Galapagos fur seal laying upright on its belly.