Newest Pieces

Stevie new cat sculpture


Long-Ear Cat

Serene and stoic, Stevie is a gray and white furry cat with accentuated ears.

Lolly new dog sculpture



This little, perky Yorkie has wispy black and tan hair.

Petunia new dog sculpture


Floppy-eared sitting white dog

Petunia is a sweet white, floppy-eared dog in a sitting position. Her big, black eyes implore you to love her.

Pow Wow new dog sculpture

Pow Wow

Pointy-eared speckled dog

With brown and black pointed ears, Pow Wow is a white and tan speckled, sweet dog.

Live Inspirations

Hank the Pekingese

Hank is a commissioned piece, modeled after a Pekingese dog with crooked teeth and a fluffy white coat.

Hank the pekingese custom portrait sculpture Hank the pekingese original dog


Originally found on Pinterest, a picture of a low-laying dog ready to play inspired one of Jennifer's favorite dogs. Salty is a white and fluffy dog with perky ears and an anticipatory expression.

Salty custom commission sculpture Salty original dog


Big, innocent, baby -beautiful! Rory is a baby grizzly bear with its paws outstretched to a mother bear, as seen in a photo shown to Jennifer.

Rory bear cub custom sculpture Rory bear and cub original image


The orange and white coat on this Tabby make a pleasant backdrop for its crystalline eyes.

Dario custom cat portrait sculpture Dario original orange tabby


Pepper is a standing white dog with a black spot on its side and a tan spot on its face.

Pepper custom dog portrait sculpture Pepper original dog